MAN engines: background & knowledge

MAN Engines

First load-bearing tractor engine with 13 litres displacement

To create an engine with a minimum 500 hp for use in a powerful standard tractor without articulated steering that complies with Tier 4 final and EU Stage IV exhaust emissions standards, the engineers at MAN based their designs on the D2676 power train for trucks, adapting this to meet the requirements of a tractor.


A MAN base engine - various applications

In the D2862/68 V-engine series developed by MAN, 8- and 12-cylinder engines have successfully been brought to market in road vehicles, agricultural machinery, trains, yachts and working vessels as well as for power generation in the form of diesel- and gas-powered units.


Comfort thanks to a compact MAN roof engine

thanks to the compact installation dimensions and low weight of the vertical MAN engine, the complete drive package comprising diesel engine and generator, air filter, cooling, exhaust, electrical and electronic systems can be arranged on the roof of the vehicle.


MAN milestones in agricultural technology

The innovative power units were first installed in its own farming machines, ranging from motorised plough to tractors, but were later mostly sold to other manufacturers. Nowadays, MAN engines are being used where highest standards of performance and efficiency are required. They are present in a broad range of agricultural equipment from numerous manufacturers.