Ava Jane: first EPA Tier 3 engine from MAN

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Ava Jane: On the hunt for salmon, with MAN’s first EPA Tier 3 engine

Gillnetter „Ava Jane“ before its launch

Since April 18th 2014, the “Ava Jane” is operating in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska to fish for salmon She is capable of traveling speeds of over 25 knots. The 32 ft. long and 14 ft. wide gillnetter is powered by a MAN inline six cylinder engine, with an output of 537 kw (730 hp).

Like all other MAN engines it fulfills the U.S. emission standards for commercial use (EPA Tier 3), since January 2014. This Mavrik Marine workboat is therefore extremely envi-ronmental friendly. This current regulation requires an additional 20% reduction in nitrous oxides (NOx) and a further 40% reduction in particle emissions (compared to EPA Tier 2).

The MAN R6-730 inline six cylinder engine with 537 kW (730 hp) being installed at Mavrik Marine’s shipyard.

The “Ava Jane” is the first work boat with MAN EPA Tier 3 commercially rated engine launched in the US. At its International Engine Competence Center in Nuremberg (Germany), MAN adapted all 16 performance levels of its in-line six cylinder engines and the newest generation of V8 and V12 engines before the emissions' deadline passed.

Neither an after exhaust recirculation nor an exhaust after treatment system had to be used. Because of the internal optimization of the engine there was no need to add on any additional emission reducing components. Therefore the MAN engines compact size was not affected.

"Our claim of achieving the highest levels of efficiency is also fulfilled with our EPA Tier 3 engines. This is why with our MAN D2862, for example, we have set new benchmarks for consumption in the field of heavy duty applications – and thus also in terms of total costs of ownership", says Reiner Roessner, Head of Sales MAN Engines.

The „Ava Jane“ touching water for the first time. With 2,877 lbs., the MAN engine is part of an overall weight of 12 tons.
The „Ava Jane“ touching water for the first time. With 2,877 lbs., the MAN engine is part of an overall weight of 12 tons.

George Dauber, an active fisherman for over 35 years and also involved in the "Ava Jane" joint project together with the Mavrik Marine Shipyard, can't speak highly enough of the MAN R6-730: "For me, there is no engine to match it – none that is so quiet on deck and at the pilot's station, nor which keeps its harmonious sound so consistently across the entire speed range. For me, the Ava Jane with its MAN engine is the perfectly comfortable working environment."

Technical data
Ship name Ava Jane
Ship type Netzfischerboot
Shipyard Mavrik Marine
Operator George Dauber
Home port Bistrol Bay Area, Alaska
Emission standard EPA Tier 3
Launch 18.04.2014
Main dimensions
Length 9,77 m
Beam 4,37 m
Draft 0,89 m
Weight 10.910 kg
Power and propulsion
Maximum speed 25+ kn
Main engine MAN R6-730 In-line, 537 kW (730 PS)
Transmission ZF 360 A; ratio: 2.192 : 1, with live “C” pad to P.T.O.
Propellers 4 blades; 0.76 m diameter