MAN D2862 LE44x engine for commercial shipping

MAN Engines for Commercial Shipping

Heavy duty operation gets more power. The new MAN D2862 LE44x

D2862 LE44x
The D2862 LE444 for EPA Tier 3 can be seen at the SMM trade fair 2014 in Hamburg.

MAN extends its power range for heavy duty operations. The so far strongest MAN engines for commercial applications (D2862 LE431 and D2842 Le421 with 662 kW / 900 hp) are being replaced. The D2862 LE44x is now taking the lead, with a performance of up to 735kW (1,000 hp).

The V twelve cylinder engine is available in two versions: the D2862 LE441 for the emission standard IMO Tier 2 and the D2862 LE444 which fulfills EPA Tier 3 commercial. By adapting the turbocharger and the valve timing, MAN was able to raise the mean pressure and increase the power rating by 73 kW (100 hp) compared to the most powerful engines available until now.

The new, efficient MAN marine engine D2862 LE44x, with its increased power and a dry weight of 2,270 kg, offers an excellent power density for heavy-duty applications such as tugboats and freighters. With a capacity of 24.24 l, a bore of 128 mm and a stroke of 157 mm, the powerful MAN marine engine can achieve a maximum torque of 4,380 Nm at 1,100 to 1,600 rpm.

D2862 LE44x
The D2862 LE44x scores with its compact design and its optimized power to weight ratio.

Low consumption and easy serviceability

The MAN D2862 LE441 proves particularly efficient if the costs over its entire life cycle are taken into account: even with a specific consumption under full load at maximum torque, the 12-cylinder engine has an out- standing minimum consumption of 192.3 g/kWh.

Furthermore, it features oil change intervals of 600 hours and average overhaul intervals of 18,000 operating hours. Individually mounted cylinder heads also ensure ease of service, which allows MAN's solid power unit to shine when it comes to cost-effectiveness calculations.

Quality across the board

The engine foot positions and installation dimensions are identical to the previous series, making it ideal for engine upgrade projects. Compactly scaled at 2,124 mm x 1,153 mm x 1,289 mm (length x width x height), the 735 kW MAN twelve-cylinder engine has an outstanding power density. The new D2862 LE441 is the latest addition to the reliable MAN engine range: years of experience with engines and in-house development, design and production at the International Engine Competence Center in Nuremberg, Germany, ensure that MAN marine engines are of the highest quality.

The D2862 has also passed numerous field trials and measurements with flying colours. All customers are safe in the knowledge that they have received the high quality standard that they expect from MAN because every MAN engine which is produced is subject to a trial run. The overall picture of reliable and efficient MAN marine engines is rounded off by the type approval of the D2868 and D2862 marine engines by various classification societies.

Technical Data of the MAN D2862 LE444

Performance data1
Rated power 735 kW / 1.000 PS
Speed 1.800 rpm
Rated torque 3.900 Nm
Maximum torque 4.380 Nm at 1.100 - 1.600 rpm
Bore 128 mm
Stroke 157 mm
Displacement 24,24 l
Engine descritpion
Operation profile unlimited operating hours per year at a maximum of 100 % of time at full load
Construction four-stroke marine diesel engine, direct injection, SAE 1 flywheel housing
Cylinder 12 cylinders in V-arrangement
Air System single-stage turbocharger with charge air intercooler and wastegate
Cooling system seawater cooled charge air cooler and plate heat exchanger by rubber impeller pump
Fuel system Common Rail injection system with high pressure pump and EDC control
Classification GL, RINA, LR, ABS, BV, DNV, NKK, RMRS, CCS, CRS
Exhaust status EPA Tier 3 Commercial (IMO Tier 2 für D2862 LE441)
Main dimensions
Length x width x height 2.124 x 1.153 x 1.289 mm
Height of upper edge of engine to middle of crank shaft 825 mm
Length up to flywheel house edge 1.631 mm
Dry weight 2.270 kg
  1. Values at rated power