Police boat V20 driven by MAN engine

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Police boat V20 with MAN D2848 LE422 - the friend and helper on water

The V20 has a maximum speed of nearly 25 knots.
The V20 has a maximum speed of nearly 25 knots.

In 2011, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior commissioned Schiffbau- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Tangermünde (SET) to build an operational boat for the Hard lake police on Lake Constance.
The special requirements of a police operation combined with the adverse weather conditions on the inland body of water, such as storms and winds of up to twelve on the Beaufort scales as well as waves over four meters high, present a special challenge for the boat and propulsion. The D2848 LE422 made by MAN impressed during the search for a suitable engine for police boat V20.

Police boats must also maneuver stably in turbulent waters and at the same time be extremely agile. As continuous operational readiness is required, absolute reliability is the overriding priority. Holger Heidenreich, Project Manager at SET, explained: "The police boats work approximately 2,000 operational hours in a year. This means it is extremely important for us, and above all for our customers, that we install durable engines such as those made by MAN."

Engine room with two MAN D2848 LE422
Engine room with two MAN D2848 LE422

Lake Constance is one of the most difficult national waterways. Governed by a north-west to west Atlantic current, its surface serves as "windage" with which a storm can build up. In the east section, sudden (föhn) storms also make operations difficult. The problematic weather conditions turn the Hard lake police patrol duties into an arduous task.

The shipyard took these special requirements into account when it designed the patrol boat. Because the boat must be operational particularly in precarious weather conditions. When there are warnings of high wind and storms, trained police officers criss-cross their operational area to warn other skippers of the imminent danger and to help them when they are in distress on the lake. The reliability of the operational boat is essential for this. On August 9th, 2012 the V20 was launched. Since then it has been in operation every day throughout the year.

SET specializes in, for instance, construction of aluminum boats for the police, because the metal guarantees low weight as well as high speeds and stability. For more than 20 years they have been installing MAN engines in numerous boots, because: The long service life and fast service are imperative.

Stable and exact maneuvering is important for police operations, at full speed as well as at slow speed. The MAN D2848 LE422 guarantees very good acceleration behavior due to high torque at low speed. With a weight of 28,000 kg, the boat accelerates over two rigid shafts to approx. 46 km/h (25 kn). This enables the lake police to quickly reach very place of action in their 50 km² large Vorarlberg operational area.

Police boat V20
Police boat V20

The reliable MAN service was also decisive in the choice of engine. An engineer must be on site within 48 hours when there is a malfunction. Because peoples' lives may also depend upon operation of police boats.

"We are very happy to install engines made by MAN, because we can count on their service. Even though MAN is a large group – the service formalities are always very uncomplicated, and our customers are quickly helped", said Holger Heidenreich from SET.

Its compact construction also makes maintenance very easy for the D2848 LE422. Another feature:
Its common-rail injection makes it low-emission: It fulfills the IMO Tier 2 as well as the EPA Tier 2 Standards and also complies with the extremely difficult exhaust-gas requirements of the Lake Constance BSO regulations. Heidenreich confirmed: "We as well as our customers are satisfied with MAN engines. Therefore we will continue to place value on inter-company cooperation in the future."

Technical data
Ship's name V20
Ship type Semi-planing hull
Customer Austrian Ministry of the Interior
Shipyard Schiffbau- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
Tangermünde (SET), Genthin branch office
Hull number 185
Year of construction 2012
Keel laying 19.10.2011
Launch Lake Constance 09.08.2012
Main dimensions
Length 20.88 m
Beam 5.51 m
Draft 1.35 m
Displacement 28.2 t
CWL length 19.50 m
Power and propulsion
Maximum speed 24.8 kn
Main engines 2 x MAN D2848 LE422,
V8 each 551 kW (750 HP)
Transmission ZF 500 Family hydr.
(with trolling function for slow speed)
Fuel tank 2 x 1,000 liters diesel
Navigation system Furuno Navnet 3D
Max. number of persons 25 people
Max. number of persons in an emergency 161 people
Minimum crew 2 people
  hydraulic crane (990 kg), recovery basket, inflatable ice rescue sledge, submersible pump, Suzumar dinghy with 15 HP AB Mercury, multi-function printer, telephone, operational laptop (BAKS), breathalyzer