The new marine electronics for boat engines from MAN Engines

The intelligent monitoring of main drives and attachments such as gearboxes and exhaust aftertreatment systems on luxury yachts, sport fishing boats and working work boats – is what iSea (intelligent safeguard of engines and auxiliaries) from MAN Engines delivers. The new iSea marine electronics offer the latest technology and also look good – with the optional iSea bridge display, which was awarded the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020".

And with its numerous connection options and interfaces it is the ideal solution for use on the world’s boundless oceans. All the MAN Engines components are perfectly coordinated and intuitively designed. iSea is the future that gives you the best view of the present. For classified applications iSea is available under the name iSeaclass.


iSea consists of the following components (some of which are optional), all perfectly matched alligned to each other: E-box, bridge display and convenient throttle lever. Here you can find out more about the components.

Your Plus

iSea or iSeaclass makes operation and maintenance of your yacht or working boat easier and creates more additional interfaces and values than conventional systems. Find out more here.


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The functions and descriptions listed on these pages apply to different variants of iSea products, both to classified (iSea class) applications and also to non-classified (iSea) applications with a variety of different requirements, technical specifications and statutory regulations. For this reason not all functions and descriptions are available on all iSea products. For a list of the exact scope of functions and technical details, please consult our sales organisations.