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iSea - simplicity, connectivity and added value

The outstanding components of electronics, bridge display and convenient throttle lever add up to the unique new iSea from MAN Engines. From commissioning to operation and through to maintenance of your yacht you will benefit from a range of convenient functions.


iSea – consists of the components e-box, multi-function display and convenient throttle lever. Each of these is outstanding in its own right, but in combination they are unique. iSea components make operation and

maintenance of your yacht easier, and create additional interfaces and values than conventional systems. With iSeaclass MAN Engines offers simplicity, connectivity and added value, even for classified ships and boats.


iSea focusses on the essentials

The iSea bridge display by MAN Engines with a size across diagonals of 7" (or 5") displays engine operation and operating values, alarms, start/stop and comfort functions (e.g. video transmission to the bathing platform). It thereby replaces up to seven peripheral devices and ensures – with help from its pared-down design – a clean and modern control panel on the bridge of yachts and working boats. The small installation depth and glass surface right to the edge allow the display to fit seamlessly into the control panel. The IPS display (In-Plane Switching) with a wide viewing angle, high luminance and protection class IP66/67 also allows it to be used on flying bridges, even under adverse conditions. The touchscreen and the simple menu structure allow for intuitive operation via swiping movements. The iSea bridge display thereby combines multi-functionality in a compact installation space with high aesthetic appeal and timeless design.

A modern classic, the MAN convenient throttle lever for single-engine or multi-engine systems with adjustable propellers and jet drives, and even for hybrid drives. At the push of a button, the engines of multi-engine installation can optionally be controlled separately or in combination, so that manoeuvring is more convenient than ever before.

With the new MAN throttle lever in combination with the new iSea marine electronics you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • factory-configured perfectly matched system for greater system reliability, quicker response characteristics and low fuel consumption
  • the integrated control board in the iSea e-box eliminates the need for a separate additional throttle level electronics box on the bridge and in the engine compartment
  • convenient model-based predictive control (MPC), which is accommodated in the iSea e-box to save space
  • an important consideration for many shipyards is the flexible use of the system for a wide range of types of vessel, from small boats to classified boats right through to complex charter boat applications.

We use the proven CAN bus standard for cabling the iSea components. This enables high-performance bi-directional data transmission and also notably reduces the number of cables running between the e-box in the engine compartment and the accessories such as displays and throttle levers in the bridge (including the flying bridge). Not to mention that the reduced cabling also saves. With our decades of experience and the knowledge of countless installations, the cabling between the components of the overall system is done intelligently and creates a clean and tidy appearance. The use of perfectly alligned iSea components such as displays and throttle levers further reduces the number of cables and saves considerable space. For demanding owners of yachts, additional free space is generated on the bridge combining up to three peripheral devices (display, start-stop unit, emergency control unit) within the iSea 7" bridge display.


With iSea for greater flexibility and more options

In addition to the perfectly alliged components of iSea, the CAN data bus of the iSea e-box offers additional features. For customers who have requirements over and above the 7" and 5" displays supplied by MAN Engines, larger external displays can be connected as an alternative. These communicate directly with the iSea e-box using CAN 1939 and the I/O station. Engine parameters and alarms, together with alarm processing can also be viewed and operated directly using this device.

The eight available freely programmable digital I/O (Input/Output) ports offer shipowners and captains the opportunity to instruct the shipyard to incorporate their own operating requirements into the system. Specifically, for instance this can be the instruction that the bathing ladder remains extended to the platform, or the camera signals are available to the tender garage. This represents an optional ship’s alarm system (integrated into the display). Aby useful or convenient information can be shown on the iSea bridge display, so there is no need to install additional display units for them, thus saving space. Furthermore, a freely programmable relay output which can be activated at the press of a button is available on the display. This for instance, can be linked to activation of an external pump for pumping the AdBlue fluid from the main tank into the day use tank.

The optional remote monitoring MAN Engines"Marine Web Interface" offers owners and service technicians’ access to engine data, in order to view and evaluate not only consumption values and load curves but also the diagnostic log and alarm histories. When it comes to troubleshooting, remote monitoring can significantly reduce the downtime. Initial diagnosis of the system MAN Engines"Marine Web Interface" can be performed by the MAN service technicians, who sometimes can rectify the fault then and there. If spare parts are required, this is immediately evident to the MAN service partner, so that these parts can be sourced right away. Initial diagnosis based on remote maintenance also eliminates the need for an diagnosis on site, thereby saving the costs of travel and work time. Of course, when evaluating your engine data, we at MAN Engines comply with all the provisions of data protection regulations and use a secured data connection for the data transfer.

The following evaluation parameters are available using remote maintenance mode:

  • Customer: Consumption values, speeds, emissions log, collective load, alarm lists, snapshot of the measured data
  • Service: Consumption values, speeds, emissions log, collective load, alarm lists, diagnostic log, online measured data, alarm history

Added value

iSea adds those little extra features

You can be certain of one thing: We won’t restrict your freedom and your flexibility. The iSea marine electronics from MAN Engines offer you many connection options, a CAN converter and a monitoring CAN to the J1939 standard on this new platform to operate your preferred components such as a throttle lever or display in conjunction with your preferred MAN engine.

For us at MAN Engines, reliability means two things: people and machines. Our MAN employees and our MAN engines. They both can call on many decades of experience gained throughout the world on a very wide range of applications. This basic principle of reliability is also displayed in our iSea products, which consist of perfectly alligned individual components.

Time is always valuable – regardless of it’s availabilty Therefore, we speed up troubleshooting and reduce the work necessary. With the convenient (optional) remote control, MAN service technicians engaged in maintenance or repair can determine right at the start the causes that need to be addressed, so that no prolonged troubleshooting is required, and necessary operations and materials can be prepared in advance of the service visit. This is also facilitated by MAN-cats® III, our optimised software and hardware which is used throughout the entire MAN Truck & Bus service network.

The capability to combine up to three peripheral devices (display, start-stop unit, emergency control unit) within the iSea 7" bridge display offers enormous potential savings of space by eliminating components from the bridge. The sleek award-winning design of the iSea bridge display is emphasised by the clean and tidy appearance, uncluttered by unnecessary switches and displays. Also, in the engine compartment where equipment is tightly packed there is no need for the additional control units that systems with such capabilities normally require. They are all accommodated in the iSea e-box, thus saving space. These range from the engine control unit (MPC) through the alarm system (and optional safety system) right through to the control unit for the iSea convenient throttle lever. An additional advantage of the alligned components, e-box, bridge display and convenient throttle lever within the iSea system from MAN Engines is the elimination of much cabling between units, resulting in a cleaner cabling arrangement on the ship. This and our decades of experience in countless marine applications perfectly complement our claim to be a premium system down to the last detail.

The functions and descriptions listed on these pages apply to different variants of iSea products, both to classified (iSea class) applications and also to non-classified (iSea) applications with a variety of different requirements, technical specifications and statutory regulations. For this reason not all functions and descriptions are available on all iSea products. For a list of the exact scope of functions and technical details, please consult our sales organisations.



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