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MAN Engine Academy

MAN Engines offers owners, captains, and operators of ships a special service with its MAN Engine Academy: In our seminars, you will get to know your MAN engine in detail, and will understand its key functions in your ship. Rather than using standard engines, we select the engine series and types from our large pool that are also in use in your vessel. This creates the conditions for optimal learning with our engine experts, where possible challenges both in port and at sea are examined over several days of training.

An engine training course with the professionals at MAN Engines will provide you with:

  • Deeper understanding of the technology of the specific MAN engines used by you
  • Security through self-reliance at sea
  • Knowledge regarding fault alarms and how to select the correct actions
  • Opportunity for focused communication with specialists if service support is needed
  • Value preservation of your engines through correct handling

Combined theory and practical training courses on start-up and troubleshooting are aimed at helping you achieve these goals. We offer training courses for captains and operators specially designed around engines for commercial shipping. Training courses are usually held in our MAN Engine Academy in MAN’s International Engine Competence Centre in Nuremberg, where you will benefit from short distances and a swift exchange of expertise.

However, we are also happy to train you and your colleagues individually at your own sites around the world on topics that you can define specifically with us.

Detailed information on training courses, costs and contact details for further questions, and individual training sessions can be found here.