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Customised servicing and maintenance plans

Even the best engines succumb to wear over time. The consequences are foreseeable and make themselves shown in decreasing profitability and productivity. The worst case scenario is irreparable engine damage. All these risks will incur significant additional costs. For flawless operation during your engine’s intended service life, it is therefore even more important to have your engine serviced regularly. After all, only a serviced engine achieves its maximum service life and functions reliably and profitably day in, day out – an investment that really pays off.

With its customised servicing and maintenance plans, MAN is here to help. Our recommendations include intervals that are perfectly tailored to your engine – always with the aim of maximising the operational capability of your engine and minimising the risk of failures. We are constantly developing our servicing and maintenance plans to ensure that costs are continuously optimised.

When you use your servicing plan, you will benefit by:

  • Ensuring the maximum service life of your engine, and thus an optimal cost/benefit ratio
  • Optimising the value of your engine, and thus of your ship through an unbroken maintenance history
  • Minimising the risk of expensive engine damage
  • Possibly obtaining an extension to the warranty

Use the engine documents that were provided with your purchase, consisting of a set of operating instructions, a maintenance plan, and a service DVD incl. all manuals.

Don’t have the materials to hand? Your service network will be happy to help you. Please have your engine number ready. This can be found on your engine model plate, in your maintenance record, registration papers, or on the engine next to the last cylinder on the power delivery side.