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MAN Engines customer service

MAN customer service

Because you are so important to us as a customer and your holiday destination is maybe as unique as you, we are also offering you a unique service: our MAN customer service.
Our engine experts are on the move worldwide providing support with damage analysis and troubleshooting. With their international expertise, excellent connection to the International Engine Competence Centre, and thorough training in marine engines, our colleagues are the ideal candidate to handle even major challenges from a solution-focused perspective.

Your benefits as a yacht customer with MAN Engines:

  • Your concern is placed directly with us, in our capacity as engine manufacturer
  • You will receive local support from a MAN service partner with in-depth expertise in all engine series and types
  • The Dealers on-site expert knowledge is supplemented with direct access to colleagues and systems in MAN’s International Engine Competence Centre

As an end customer, please initially contact your MAN service partner or the MAN 24/7 hotline, which will then initiate direct contact with MAN’s customer service team if necessary. Please have your engine number ready. This can be found on your engine model plate, in your maintenance record, registration papers, or on the engine next to the last cylinder on the power delivery side.