MAN agricultural machinery engines

MAN Engines for Agricultural Machinery

MAN milestones in agricultural technology

1921 - MAN motorised plough

1921 MAN motorised plough

The MAN motorised plough is first presented at the DLG show and wins first prize.

1937 The G-Engine

1937 - The G-Engine

MAN improves combustion and reduces heat losses with a spherical combustion chamber (Globus) in the cylinder. MAN's first own tractor also employed the so-called G process.

1948  MAN AS 325 A

1948 - MAN AS 325 A

MAN's AS 325 A was a real pioneering achievement, almost unrivalled as a four-wheel drive tow tractor in its time.

1954 M-Engine

1954 - M-Engine

The development of the combustion chamber in the middle ball or M engine permitted softer combustion, resulting in it being nicknamed the "whispering engine".

1964 Fortschritt ZT 300

1964 - Fortschritt ZT 300

The ZT 300, the forefather of a long series of tractors in the GDR, uses MAN's M process under license.

1973 Raba 250

1973 - Raba 250

The four-wheel drive Rába 250 tow tractor sets new standards as one of the most-built articulated tractors with a MAN engine built under licence in the Eastern bloc.

1973 Schlüter Euro Trac

1973 - Schlüter Euro Trac

Schlüter's top performance tow tractors use four-, six- and even twelve-cylinder MAN engines.

1980 - Fendt

1980 - Fendt "Coati"

With the Favorit 622 LS and 626 LS, known as the "Coati", Fendt broke the 200 HP mark with a six-cylinder MAN engine.

1993 Fendt Favorit 818

1993 - Fendt Favorit 818

With a load-bearing turbocharged six-cylinder engine, MAN gives the Fendt Favorit 800 and 900 series a power range of from 165 to 300 HP.

1996 Holmer Terra Dos

1996 - Holmer Terra Dos

The Holmer root-crop harvester is fitted with a 460 HP six-cylinder MAN engine. The performance was increased further for subsequent models.

2010 Fendt TriSix

2010 - Fendt TriSix

The Fendt TriSix concept study causes a stir. This agricultural behemoth is powered by a 540 HP MAN engine.

2010 Claas Jaguar 980

2010 - Claas Jaguar 980

The Claas Jaguar 970 and 980 always runs at optimum consumption thanks to its MAN engine with a "Dynamic Power" power control system and wins the 2011 "Machine of the Year" award.

2010 Krone Big X 1100

2010 - Krone Big X 1100

The most powerful forage harvester, the Krone BiG X 1100, is powered by MAN's D2862 V12 engine and packs an impressive 1,078 HP.

2011 Krone Big M 500

2011 - Krone Big M 500

MAN fits the Krone BiG M 500 mower conditioner with a 520 HP in-line six-cylinder engine and reduces pollutant emissions significantly with the use of SCR technology.

2014 MAN TGM, TGS and TGX

2014 - MAN TGM, TGS and TGX

With conversions for the TGM, TGS and TGX, MAN also offers trucks for transportation in farming and forestry.

2015 Fendt 1000 Vario

2015 - Fendt 1000 Vario

For the 1000 Vario series of Fendt large tow tractors, MAN developed an engine with 380 to 500 HP that meets the emission standards of Stage 4 and Tier 4 final.


2017 - AGCO IDEAL 9

A six-cylinder MAN engine with 647 HP powers AGCO´s IDEAL 9 premium combine harvester and meets the emission requirements tier 4 final and EU Stage V.

As a manufacturer and developer of diesel engines, MAN is affiliated with the agricultural industry since the early 20’s. The innovative power units were first installed in its own farming machines, ranging from motorised plough to tractors, but were later mostly sold to other manufacturers. Nowadays, MAN engines are being used where highest standards of performance and efficiency are required. They are present in a broad range of agricultural equipment from numerous manufacturers. Market and technology leaders of the industry count on MAN engines for the prime propulsion of their machines.

Pictures: Claas, Fendt, Holmer, Krone, MAN, Raba