News: MAN engines for rail applications

MAN Engines for Locomotives, Railcars, and Railway Gensets

Coradia Régiolis from Alstom with MAN engine D2676 LE621
Four to six drive systems, each fitted with a MAN engine, power the Alstom Coradia Régiolos railcar.

Comfort thanks to a compact roof engine

MAN's D2676 LE621 engine provides the ideal prerequisites for the innovative drive technology of the Regiolis from Alstom: thanks to the compact installation dimensions and low weight of the vertical MAN engine, the complete drive package comprising diesel engine and generator, air filter, cooling, exhaust, electrical and electronic systems can be arranged on the roof of the vehicle. The improved access considerably simplifies servicing while at the same time, the end-to-end low floor section realised inside the vehicle noticeably improves passenger comfort.

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MAN Engines showcasing D3876 diesel engine for EU Stage V locomotives without exhaust after-treatment systems

Can be used worldwide; low fuel consumption; expertise from truck and agricultural technology sectors applied.

MAN D3876 LE63x
The 6-cylinder locomitive engine from MAN: The D3876 LE63x with 415 kW or 471 kW at 1,800 rpm.

The MAN D3876 LE63x, designed for use in locomotives and featuring a 138 mm bore as well as 170 mm stroke, generates a maximum torque of 3,000 Nm at 1,200 to 1,500 rpm. The 15.3-litre engine achieves its high torque plateau and optimum torque curve thanks to the VTG (variable turbine geometry) turbocharger and the injection system (which offers up to 2,500 bar). The combustion this generates, which is optimised for the scope of application, ensures low fuel consumption – one of MAN Engines’ leading development objectives. Thanks to its compact design and high performance level, the MAN D3876 LE63x is ideally suited for modern and resource-friendly drive concepts in trains.

The D3876 in-line six engine is a system with top-class performance that has been an established fixture and a practical success in trucks since 2014. It was also released for agricultural technology applications in 2015 and applications in the construction industry in 2016. The D3876 earned the Diesel of the Year 2016 title, in particular for its basic concept and high-strength materials. Now, in its D3876 development for locomotives which was previously presented as a concept at InnoTrans 2016, MAN Engines is closing the performance gap between the established in-line six and V12 motors for train applications.

  Unit D3876 LE63x
Cylinder   6
Bore mm 138
Stroke mm 170
Displacement l 15,3
Rated power kW 415-471
Rated speed Nm/rpm 1800
Max. torque at rated speed Nm/rpm 3000/1200-1500
Engine length mm 1484
Engine width mm 978
Engine height mm 1137
Weight (dry) kg 1337
Exhaust technology   EGR
Exhaust status   EU Stage V

Extra power for railcars and maintenance vehicles: V12 rail engine D2862 LE63x

MAN V12 rail engine D2862 LE63x with 588 kW to 735 kW (800 HP to 1,000 HP) at 1,800 rpm.
Ideal for railcars and maintenance vehicles: MAN V12-rail engine D2862 LE63x with 588 kW to 735 kW (800 HP to 1,000 HP) at 1,800 rpm.

With the D2862 LE63x, which is a completely new development, MAN is offering an efficient 12-cylinder engine for rail operation. Additional power over its predecessor is provided by an additional displacement of 24.2 liters. The base engine of the D2862 LE63x has already proven itself in a multitude of applications in agricultural machinery, marine engines, and decentralized energy supply. The compact MAN engine is designed perfectly for underfloor applications making it ideal for installation in railcars (DMU – Diesel Multiple Unit) and maintenance vehicles. Through its perfect interplay with all types of transmissions and generators in this power class, the efficient MAN engine provides ultimate flexibility with regard to integration in the power pack. Furthermore, MAN gives support with its ultimate advisory skills and many years of experience in installation conditions and power design.

Power increase with the same installation space: 6-cylinder rail engine D2876 LUE63x

Compact and flat: MAN is one of the few providers with flat, horizontal engines in its product range. The latest third generation of the D2876 LUE63x generates more power with the same installation space – the ideal foundation for retrofitting railcars.

The flat, horizontal 6-cylinder rail engine from MAN: D2876 LUE63x with 390 kW (530 HP) at 1,800 rpm.
The flat, horizontal 6-cylinder rail engine from MAN: The D2876 LUE63x with 390 kW (530 HP) at 1,800 rpm.

The horizontal D2876 LUE63x is one of the most compact engines in its class. As compared to the predecessor engine, the efficient MAN engine provides an extended range of outputs to 390 kW (530 HP) at 1,800 rpm which it gained from the 12.8 liter displacement. MAN has deliberately made few changes to the engineering design with the further development of the 6-cylinder engine in its third generation.
"With the D2876 LUE63x, we're offering our customers the sophisticated, tried-and-tested technology of our efficient MAN rail engines. At the same time, rail operators get maximum flexibility for retrofitting. Benefits range from the identical interfaces in the power pack right up to spare parts the customers already have in stock and can still use", said Reiner Rößner, Head of Sales at MAN Engines.