Service: MAN engines for rail applications

MAN Engines for Locomotives, Railcars, and Railway Gensets

Self-Service through Product Training

Self-Service through by Product Training

MAN engines provide exactly the power required for locomotives, railcars, maintenance vehicles and rail construction vehicles on the rail track. Furthermore, they supply the electricity for the train, and with their dependable operability they form the foundation for your economic success. This is why, in addition to our specialized customer support, MAN has developed a flexible self servicing concept. Individual product training guarantees that the competence in service, maintenance and repair is concentrated on the operator resulting in optimum support for the drive system.

You are able to combine vehicle competence in a single organization. Quality assurance is ensured by high-quality training courses and a multistage certification process – directly on-site at the vehicle or with us in our MAN Engine Academy. The compact design of our engines enables uncomplicated access, accelerates maintenance, and reduces costs. Uniform design – throughout all series – means spare parts are compatible and quickly available. And the repowering option means your vehicles are always the technology and efficiency state-of-the-art.