New MAN E3872 gas engine

44.0% efficiency and 735 kW power from just 12 cylinder displacement

MAN Engines is significantly extending its power range for stationary gas engines upwards. At the same time, we are staying true to our high power density philosophy. The result is the new E3872 series with its impressive power of 735 kWmech from just 12 cylinders.

The effective mechanical efficiency achieved by the natural gas version at 50 Hz is equally spectacular: a striking 44.0%.

The new MAN E3872 stationary gas engine

Optimum performance from just 12 cylinders.

The new MAN E3872 stationary gas engine design has a bore of 138 mm and a stroke of 165 mm.

With 29.6 litres of displacement and just 12 cylinders, it achieves a maximum power of 735 kWmech.

The effective mechanical efficiency of the natural gas version at 50 Hz is an impressive 44.0%.

As a result, the 4-stroke petrol gas engine is designed for power and heat generation.

It has a wide range of possible uses: From agricultural and municipal applications, to hotels, hospitals and industrial businesses.

Key new features of the MAN E3872
stationary gas engine

Highly efficient single turbo charger

By fine-tuning the inlet and outlet guide units (diffuser and nozzle ring), the turbo charger can be operated at the compressor and turbine’s exact optimum efficiency. This reduces the charge cycle work.

M18 prechamber spark plugs

Specially adapted for the combustion chamber. In the newly designed combustion chamber, ignition of the gas now occurs at several locations. This has a positive impact by accelerating combustion. In addition, we have made further improvements to combustion stability during low-NOx operation.

Camshaft with Atkinson cycle

Very unusual for stationary engines but has a major influence on the increased efficiency

Steel pistons

With their trough-like geometry, they help to accelerate combustion and thus increase efficiency.

Customer benefit: hydraulic valve lash adjuster

As an additional customer benefit the E3872 is using a hydraulic valve lash adjuster. Thias makes regular checking and adjustment of the valve train unnecessary. Machine operators will benefit from the elimination of routine maintenance intervals and the resulting costs.

Hydraulic valve lash adjuster using the example of the MAN D2676

Preliminary MAN E3872 technical data

Operation with natural gas with NOx emissions = 250 mg/Nm³ (5% O2 )

Fuel   Natural Gas
Frequency   50 Hz
Arrangement/number of cylinders  









Standard power effective



Rated speed


1500 (50 Hz)

Mean effective pressure



Exhaust status NOx
(with 5% exhaust-gas oxygen)



Efficiency mechanical effective
(at NOx=250 mg/Nm3; 5% O2)



Engine length



Engine width



Engine height



Weight (dry)



Last updated: 28/10/2021

A version for markets requiring speeds of 1,800 rpm (60 Hz) is also planned. As part of the process of converting our stationary natural gas engine range to “hydrogen readiness” the new E3872 will be designed to accommodate a hydrogen (H2) admixture when operated with natural gas.

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You can find further information about the MAN E3872 in our press release “New MAN E3872 gas engine with 44.0% efficiency and 735 kW power from just 12 cylinders”.

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