News: MAN gas engines for cogeneration units

MAN Engines has been testing its modular EAT-system at a cogeneration unit

The new 44th German Emission Control Act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzverordnung; BImSchV) noticeably restricts the limit values for biogas cogeneration unit emissions; operators are facing particularly strict emissions limit values for nitrogen oxide (NOx). MAN Engines is prepared for the new limit values. Since early 2018, as a cooperation parter in a project initiated and financed by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, it has been successfully testing its modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system at a biogas plant in the field.


Powerhouses in every sense: MAN engines impress in wood gas CHPs

In today’s energy sector we are seeing a transition away from nuclear and fossil fuels as energy sources. As a result, power producers are placing a greater focus on ensuring a reliable, clean supply of energy to the market. MAN Engines has already been offering ideal solutions to overcome this challenge for decades, supplying robust and clean gas engines to CHP manufacturers. The use of special gases such as biogas and sewage gas has proven to be a particularly sustainable and popular method. Wood gasification is less well known, but is now also coming to the fore. Here too, MAN Engines and its partners are servicing this small but steadily growing market by supplying powerful gas engines.


Successful MAN gas engine E3268 in variant with 320 kW

The MAN E3268 LE242 is based on the E3268 with 370 kWmech, which was introduced in 2013, and has therefore been tried and tested in the field hundreds of times over. The V8 engine is available in a natural gas-optimised variant with a compression ratio of ε 12 : 1 and can also be used with biogas with a compression ratio of ε 13.6 : 1. Potential uses in current-regulated CHP applications (combined heat and power) range from the industrial and commercial to the municipal and recreational sectors.


MAN Engines bridges performance gap with latest-generation 450 kW gas engine

MAN Engines is now offering a twelve-cylinder 450 kWmech gas engine based on the E32 series. Both The E3262 LE232, for natural gas, and the E3262 LE242, for biogas and other special gases, deliver 450 kWmech at 1,500 rpm (50 Hz). This means that MAN Engines has now bridged the gap in performance between 370 and 550 kWmech, which was previously covered by the earlier E2842 series.


EnergyDecentral: greater output and efficiency for MAN’s new E3262 naturally-aspirated engine

MAN Engines will be unveiling their new E3262 E302 natural-gas engine for co-generation plants at this year’s ‘EnergyDecentral’ trade fair. Thanks to stoichiometric combustion (λ=1), a three-way catalytic converter is all that is needed to reduce nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide on this twelve-cylinder engine.


Solon's CHP-unit at the former headquarter

Heat, cooling, light – cogeneration power stations for all needs

From 2016 there will be revised legislation for the cogeneration of heat and power, the Engine Competence Centre in Nuremberg will get its own cogeneration power station and over the past ten years six such power stations with MAN engines have been selected by the Federal Association for Cogeneration of Heat and Power as the cogeneration power stations of the year. Reason enough for MAN Engines to take a look at the area as a whole.